Cafe World Is Expanding!!! signs spotted in game

Cafe World is expanding!
Zynga is preparing a big surprise to Cafe World players, a big but hidden sign reveals - I saw it just today, but only the developers know how long it's been up there, waiting for us to notice it.

As you can see in the image above, the sign reads "Cafe World is... EXPANDING!!!" and it shows a construction site there.

1. Larger Cafe sizes are being prepared for the game
2. We'll be allowed to own more than one Cafe in Cafe World - and this seems to be the most plausible possibility, since Restaurant City already introduced this option and players are really satisfied with it. Not to mention the fact that simply increasing the size of our actual cafes, this would make the game load a lot slower and some people might lose interest in the game because of its sluggishness.

So what do you think this "Cafe World Is Expanding" mystery sign means?

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