Cafe World 10,000 Servings Gifts Bug

My heart almost popped out of my chest when I saw today two of my most recent Cafe World gift request, pictured below:
10,000 Cafe World servings

As you can see, I received 10,000 servings of Fettucini Alfredo and 10,000 servings of Edamame as a gift from my Cafe World neighbors. This means tons of money!

Unfortunately, this Cafe World bug doesn't really give you 10,000 servings of each dish as a gift from your neighbors. Instead, I received 10 Fettucini servings and 75 Edamame. Which is still nice, but certainly doesn't beat 10,000.

However, this leaves me wondering: might Zynga be working on an increase of giftable servings? Or is 200 enough already? What do you think?

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