Breaking news! Facebook has massive game outage

UPDATE: 7:29 p.m. EST -- Looks like all Facebook games are back back to normal. Breathing a sigh of relief... Will report back on any official word from Facebook.

"We're currently investigating issues that are causing some applications on Facebook to not load. This issue is not specific to games. We expect to have this fixed shortly and I will update you when the matter is solved."

If you want to get your FarmVille fix -- head to
If you need your Mafia Wars fix -- head to


Facebook seems to be having a massive game outage this afternoon -- instead of loading, all games come up as a blank page. We also found these notifications from Zynga and Playdom below.

petville down and out
petville down and out

mafia wars down
mafia wars down

Still need to get your FarmVille fix? Looks like is still up and running. We've contacted both Zynga and Facebook for more information. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: From FishVille moderator MerMolly: "Facebook is having some problems today loading your games. Please do not worry, we will make sure your fish are kept fed and well taken care of until the issue is resolved."

UPDATE: From Pet Society official forums