FarmVille DOG update: Golden Retriever & Border Collie animated

FarmVille Freak Unreleased Border Collie

FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever Puppy

  1. FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever – Zynga FarmVille Image | Zynga FarmVille Animated
  2. FarmVille Unreleased Border Collie – Zynga FarmVille Image | Zynga FarmVille Animated
We've all seen the still images of the FarmVille unreleased Dogs, now check out the animated video!

These images are directly from Zynga and ownership belongs to Zynga alone.

Thanks to FarmVille Freaks: FVFreak Lawyer, FVFreak MarkMartijn, and FVFreak Saquib244 for sharing their finds with us.

Do you think we can expect the FV Dogs next week?

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