What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

The collective consciousness of the interwebs must be turning towards Spring, with RentedSpaces' popular posts featuring topics such as gardening, fruit, and biking. Read on to see what our readers thought was most newsworthy this week!

The three most popular posts:

1. Future Farmers of the Mall Cleveland's Galleria Mall is at the forefront of an innovative new movement: small-scale farming inside shopping malls. Move over Macy's, hello hydroponics!
2. Sweet and Sour Lamps A Japanese designer has taken renewable energy to the next level, with a compact lamp that runs on lemons. Not since bacon candles have we heard such a bright and tasty idea!

3. Biking Home by Google: Indirect Route? A Chicago-based RentedSpaces blogger and bike-rider takes Google's new bike-route mapping feature for a spin.

And three not to miss:

1. This Little Goat Lived in the City RentedSpaces declares that goats are the new chickens -- at least as far as urban-dwelling farm animal trends go.

2. Noise Insulation To Rock Your Walls Get your neighbors off of your back about the noise level emanating from your apartment with soundproofing that doubles as artwork.

3. Moving? Make Your Furniture Fit! Who among us hasn't had that awful moment of AAARGHHH upon realizing a piece of furniture won't fit into a new apartment? Try these clever workarounds before giving up.

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