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With a report that your home may be worth more than you think, and word of possible legal action against shady foreclosure firms, it's been a week of good news on HousingWatch. Read on to see what our readers considered our best posts of the week.

1. Guess What? Your Home Is Undervalued! Finally, some good news for homeowners: a report finds that U.S. homes are undervalued by nearly 20 percent.
2. "Foreclosure Mill" Law Firms Cash in Big on Homeowner Woes
Justice - in the form of a governmental inquiry - may be on the way for predatory law firms who wrongly push home foreclosures through the courts.

3. Fantastic or Fanatic? Football Fan Goes Cowboys Crazy at Home
One Dallas-area Cowboys fan has decked his house in team spirit, right down to the toilet paper. Shouldn't that one amenity feature the Washington Redskins logo instead? Just sayin'.

4. Florida's Broward County Officials Take a Stand Against BofA
Broward County, Florida says "no thanks" to a cash injection from Bank of America -- a victory for struggling homeowners who have felt the sting of some of BofA's consumer-unfriendly policies.

5. The Salvation Army's $4 Billion Real Estate Bonanza
No reason to stop tossing coins into their famous red collection kettles, but an interesting tidbit about the Salvation Army's shocking 10-figure real estate portfolio.

6. Sue Your Lender, Save Your Home
Some struggling homeowners are choosing to fight back against unhelpful lenders rather than give up their homes, with surprising -- and positive -- results.

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