FarmVille Wandering Stallion meanders onto farms, yields foals

farmville wandering stallion arrives
farmville wandering stallion arrives

In a uncommon third update of the week, FarmVille "enhanced" to add a Wandering Stallion. The Wandering Stallion is a new adoptable animal that you can find on your farm and share with your neighbors via Facebook newsfeed, giving them the opportunity to adopt. Although, if you find one on your farm, you may not keep it for yourself.

In some exciting news, the Wandering Stallion (and other Stallions) can be placed in your Horse Stable and possibly yield a Foal! Note, only one Stallion can be in your Horse Stable at any given time. We've all seen the unreleased images of the baby horses and now they are finally here! You can only have one Stallion in your Horse Stable at any given time.