FarmVille mini-items appear in FishVille and Cafe World

farmville items appear in fishville
farmville items appear in fishville

The other Zynga games, Cafe World and FishVille are celebrating FarmVille by releasing special edition mini-FarmVille collectible items. You can send and receive mini FarmVille items through the Gifting Pages of Cafe World and FishVille. The mini-FarmVille items will change on a daily basis and will be available for only a limited amount of time. For example, today's Cafe World FarmVille collectible is a Mini-Barn. Additionally, FishVille has FarmVille items in the Market Place that you can buy with coins.

In the past, PetVille has also participated in FarmVille themed items.

Note: The Mini-FarmVille items are used in the game they appear in, they are not for use in FarmVille.

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