FarmVille Horse Stable upgraded, yielding coins (and baby horses)

FarmVille has upgraded the Horse Stable
farmville horse stable upgraded

The Horse Stable is now possibly yielding Foals (baby Horses). You may place the new adoptable Wandering Stallion or any other Stallions such as the White Stallion (Past Mystery Box Prize) in your Horse Stable and increase the chances of yielding a Foal. When collecting from your Horse Stable you may produce a Foal and have the opportunity to share with your FarmVille neighbors via Facebook newsfeed. The Foals are quite adorable, and even though you may want to keep it for yourself, the only way to get one is by adoption.

Note: You may only have one Stallion in your Horse Stable at one time. The Wandering Stallion is not a permanent animal like other adoptables, it is more of an event. (Please read details below from Lexilicious).

Additionally, you will now receive coin rewards when harvesting or collecting form your Horse Stable.

Official word from FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

"Horse Stables:

Periodically, you will receive a pop-up informing you that a "Wandering Stallion" has appeared on your farm. This pop-up will allow you to post a feed to your wall. Ten of your Neighbors can click on this feed to give shelter to the Wandering Stallion.

Unlike other "Lonely" animals, the Wandering Stallion is an event, and is NOT a permanent animal that can be kept on your Farm.

If you choose to give the Wandering Stallion shelter, he will automatically be placed into your Horse Stable. If you have a Wandering Stallion, you have a chance of receiving a Foal the next time you collect from your Stable.

If you already have a Wandering Stallion in your Horse Stable, you will not be able to get another. Clicking on multiple Wandering Stallion feeds from your Neighbors will not increase the chances of a Foal being born.

When a Foal is born, you will receive a pop-up informing you that your newborn is eager to explore the world. This pop-up will allow you to post a feed to your wall. Five of your Neighbors can click on this feed to receive a Foal.

The type of Foal you receive is determined by the types of horse in your Stable. Please note that the Pink Pony, Brown Pony, High Kick Horse and Spectator Horse will produce a Brown Foal.

Once you harvest from your Stable and find a Foal, you will have to click on a new Wandering Stallion feed to have a chance of making another foal.

The Limited Edition "White Stallion" can be placed inside your Horse Stable and will act like a permanent Wandering Stallion. Each time you harvest from your Stable you will have a chance to find a Foal. If you receive a Foal, you will not get a consumable. If you do not get a Foal when collecting from your Stable, you still have a chance of receiving an Arborist, Farm Hand or 100 XP.

Baby Foals can be brushed every 24 hours and cannot be placed inside your Horse Stable.

If the Wandering Stallion does not give you a Foal and you also do not get a Consumable, you will receive a coin bonus."
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