FarmVille Horse Stable upgraded, yielding coins (and baby horses)


FarmVille has upgraded the Horse Stable

farmville horse stable upgraded
farmville horse stable upgraded

The Horse Stable is now possibly yielding Foals (baby Horses). You may place the new adoptable Wandering Stallion or any other Stallions such as the White Stallion (Past Mystery Box Prize) in your Horse Stable and increase the chances of yielding a Foal. When collecting from your Horse Stable you may produce a Foal and have the opportunity to share with your FarmVille neighbors via Facebook newsfeed. The Foals are quite adorable, and even though you may want to keep it for yourself, the only way to get one is by adoption.

Note: You may only have one Stallion in your Horse Stable at one time. The Wandering Stallion is not a permanent animal like other adoptables, it is more of an event. (Please read details below from Lexilicious).

Additionally, you will now receive coin rewards when harvesting or collecting form your Horse Stable.