Cafe World lost recipe found: Grandpa's Finger Lickin' Ribs

grandpa's finger lickin' lost recipe

Remember's Grandma's Lost Apple pie recipe that mysteriously appeared in Cafe World a few weeks ago? Looks like another lost recipe has been found -- this time Grandpa's long lost recipe for Finger Lickin Ribs'! After logging into the game, we received a random notification (see above), which prompted us to put a post on our Facebook wall asking for help getting 'a whole barrel of rare Sweet Sassafrass,' to complete the ribs recipe. Once the recipe's complete, it will serve 400 hungry customers. Speaking of hungry, all of this talk about ribs is making our stomachs rumble.

Have you found Grandpa's lost recipe yet? If you know how much $$ it's worth, let us know in the comments below.
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