Cafe World launches limited edition FarmVille collectibles

cafe world introduces farmville collectibles

For the next 10 days, Cafe World will be featuring limited edition FarmVille collectibles, similar to the PetVile FarmVille collectibles that were a big hit a few weeks ago, (also check out the FishVille FarmVille items, which launched on March 19). Each FarmVille item will be available as a free gift from Cafe World friends, and will only be around for 24 hours. Give early, give often and ask your friends to send you one in return.

Cafe World FarmVille on-screen icon19

The first Cafe World FarmVille collectible is a red Mini-Barn (see pic below) Happy hunting!

cafe world farmville collectible mini-barn

Are you planning on collecting all 10 of the Cafe World FarmVille items?
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