The Money Diet, week 11: Could exercise start paying off?

So my 6-year-old daughter and I played Frisbee this week.

"I'll throw it, and you try to catch it," Lorelei explained, helpfully, apparently not realizing I've played the game before. "Then you throw it back. Then I'll throw it to you. And if it doesn't come near you, you run after it." Her eyes twinkled as she added, mischievously, "if you can."

Only 6, and she's already quick with the fat jokes.

The occasional ribbing in my family is always meant good-naturedly, but sometimes I feel like Jackie Gleason. The dialogue between my kids and wife and I don't quite match what was said in the 1950s' TV classic, The Honeymooners, but a lot of those zingers wouldn't be out of place in our household.