Shocking Energy Savings

switchplate cover for lightswitchYikes! Don't reach for the cheese in the middle of that mousetrap. Or, in this case that electricity-using, carbon-spewing, planet-killing light switch.

French designer Josselin Zaïgouche created the "switch me" device to remind people about the impact of their electricity usage. The blog Design Boom describes it as, "a metaphoric symbol that helps you feel the pain of the planet, making you reconsider how you can contribute to a greener environment." Now one has to wonder when Zaïgouche will make one for our thermostats.

Feeling a "switch me" moment when it comes to your standard-issue, rental switchplate covers? Take them off and replace them with something better.

Here are some handmade switchplates with unique style (just in case you'd like to go with something more aesthetically-pleasing in lieu of the finger-trapping/message-sending plate)...

Glitter-y Stained Glass
The mosaic glass says "church", but the glitter says "disco." You decide.

Switch on that serene vibe with a Buddah-designed switchplate.

Vintage Wallpaper
Folksy and fun vintage wallpaper designs are another option, too.

Just save your boring switchplates in a drawer so you can switch 'em back when you move out...
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