PetVille new fab accessories: Designer handbags and cell phones

petville designer handbags and cell phones in accessories store

New PetVille Item: Accessories, i.e. Handbags and a variety of cell phones

Release date: March 18, 2010

Where to find them: In the PetVille Premium store

How much: All of the items require PetVille cash, between 10 and 100 $PV

Standout items: Three limited edition handbags (only 500 each), white Louis Vuitton handbag look-a-like (50 $PV, see image above) and the iPhone look-a-like (40 $PV, see image below)

petville cell phones come to the premium store!

Our take: Once we get over the fact that our virtual pet would be carrying a better handbag than we do, we'd go on a serious shopping spree on these new accessories (that is, if we hadn't already spent all of our $PV on Tail and Wing Mystery boxes already). If only PetVille could get an authentic Louis Vuitton branded bag as one of the limited edition items -- we wouldn't be able to spend our cash fast enough (Zynga, are you listening?)

Your take: Which will you buy first -- a smartphone or a handbag?
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