Hotel City on Facebook: Check in and you won't want to check out

Playfish Hotel City on Facebook
Playfish Hotel City on Facebook

In the past year, Facebook has been overrun with pet simulation games, farming games and, more recently, city building games. For those tired of plowing, harvesting and cleaning virtual pets, Playfish's brand new game Hotel City, lets you try your hand at something a little different -- running a hotel.

In Hotel City, the goal is to turn a two-star establishment into a five-star luxury hotel by adding more sleeping rooms, a gym, swimming pool, bar and other amenities that well-heeled customers expect. Decorations also play a big part in this game -- the better the wallpaper, furniture and accessories in a room, the more customers will pay to stay. As players reach higher levels, there will be room for expansion, which will, in turn, bring in more customers and more cash. All of these upgrades contribute to a star rating at the top of the screen, which serves as a barometer for your hotel's success.