Home TV: HGTV's 'Tough As Nails,' Episode 1

Watch the new HGTV reality show "Tough as Nails" last night? The show follows the exploits of Cindy Stumpo, the self-proclaimed best builder in Boston. As a contractor, she tries to juggle the family business and her personal life. Her company, C. Stumpo Development, works with a demanding client base primarily building spacious multi-million-dollar homes. Working in a male-dominated industry, Cindy has to be tough as nails. (She's also a hot cougar.)

In case you missed the episode last night, here is a little recap of "Tough as Nails" ...
The premiere episode follows Cindy as she attempts to complete a 4,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom home that must be finished in less than a week for a broker's open house. Yikes! For Cindy, being a builder in this economy means the faster it gets done, the faster the house will sell.

The Characters
We meet Cindy's screwball family, beginning with her screwball mom Beverly, who serves as C. Stumpo Development's receptionist and comic relief. (She's kinda of an idiot and has trouble figuring out how the company's telephone works and is apparently incapable of taking accurate messages.) There's also her daughter Samantha, who's learning to take over the company's business. And Cindy's feisty grandmother -- a former burlesque dancer -- who serves a wise sounding board to the businesswoman's ruckus life. ("If you could run your personal life like your business, nothing would go wrong!")

The Drama
Making Cindy's life complicated is her ex-husband who works for her company. ("Joe is my ex-husband. I get to boss him around. It's payback time.")

It becomes crunch time when Cindy's team of builders have to complete the 90 Brodine House in one week for the open house deadline. Trouble brews as Cindy as a discrepancy over the placement of the granite kitchen island. Meanwhile Cindy's ex-husband is still in the picture. ("I should have moved on by now, but we're cool together.") Still, with 3 days left to go before the open house, the granite kitchen island is nowhere to be found -- and if the kitchen island doesn't come through, then the open house will have to be canceled. Holy home mortgage! Guess what happens? They come through with the granite kitchen island! Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music. Until next week...
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