FarmVille dogs will be functional as well as adorable

FarmVille's been hinting -- rather pointedly -- that dogs will be arriving soon, and we also got a sneak peek at a few more details courtesy of PetVille and players who were privy to a quick glance at a Golden Retriever in the in-game market.

farmville dogs will be functional

Recently, we met with FarmVille GM Bill Mooney, who says he was looking forward to satisfying player's overwhelming request for dogs. Mooney was tight lipped about more details except that these dogs will do more than "be passive," i.e. sit and look cute on your farm. He hints that these dogs will actually serve a function on the farm.

In fact, we're fairly certain we got another big wink from FarmVille about that functionality in the PetVille clues -- the English sheep dogs "are great at herding sheep," the Golden Retrievers are "good at fetching" and the Border Collies are great at "commanding other animals." Just keep that in mind when thinking about dogs and their roles they might take on when they (finally!) arrive.

Mooney also gave another cryptic hint about FarmVille dogs, saying, "Notice the little dog feet... and the puppy feet. There's going to be some fun with that..." possibly hinting that players will either be able to raise dogs and maybe breed more as well.
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