FarmVille dog update: Golden retriever appears in market, then disappears

farmville golden retriever
farmville golden retriever

As the most anticipated item in FarmVille, the Dogs have been "coming soon" for a long time now.
With the recent podcast hints and FarmVille loading screen teaser, we are yet even closer to the release.

So far, we know that these Dogs will be Pets that are also highly interactive and more than just harvestable animals. This leaves everyone wondering what will be the cost of the FarmVille Dog!?

Well, here are some FarmVille notifications and FarmVille Market screenshots, provided by FarmVille Freak Andrew, for you to see! From time to time, some farmers get early access to items before everyone else. It seems that with features such as Expansion, Hot Rod Tractors, and now the Dog, the release is limited for testing purposes. Even though some farmers may see the Dog in their FarmVille Market, they still cannot purchase.

Please note, the Dog has not been officially released, and until that time things including pricing may change. Some FarmVille Freaks have reported that the cost for the Dog in their FarmVille Market is anywhere from 20 to 80 FV$.
Official Word from FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious:

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