Blockbuster coupon code for free movie for renting 2


Rent two movies from a Blockbuster Express and you'll get a third rental free with coupon code GU13D5. The code expires Monday, March 22, 2010. Rentals from Blockbuster Express, a rival to Redbox, are $1 a night. The freebie is for one night. One code use per customer.

You'll be able to find Twilight: New Moon (PG 13) at many of the kiosks. Other new releases include The Princess and the Frog (G), Did You Hear About The Morgans? (PG 13), The Fourth Kind (PG 13), Old Dogs (PG), and Astro Boy (PG).

You can browse available DVDs and reserve your pick online, then go pick it up. Probably wise to reserve hot new releases like Twilight: New Moon ahead of time.

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