Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Modern Home Decor at InhabitLiving!

The last remnants of winter have melted, the delicate blossoms of Lily-of-the-Valley are peeking their heads from the undergrowth, and the Bargain Huntress is back from hibernation to reveal sales and exclusive discounts on luxe accessories, furniture and décor for your home.

This week, an urge to redecorate my living room sprang from my need to eliminate any trace of last season's unbearable cold and the depression that followed it. That included folding away fleece throws, hiding mohair decorative pillows and throwing out tacky snowflake coasters. After barricading myself in from last week's downpours and 70 m.p.h. winds, I finally crawled outside, delighting in the bright sun and the promise of a luxuriant spring. Birds eagerly chirped as I perused the Union Square Greenmarket for early spring flowers to liven up my apartment--but I left empty-handed and gloomy. Even the earliest buds were still too young to bloom.

Struck by spring fever, I hopped onto the Interwebs in search of blossoms and greenery, and stumbled upon a botanical print sale at InhabitLiving, which features pussy willow, morning glory, green grass and ailanthus prints. Owners Mike and Jennifer Tuttle are offering customers up to 75 percent off on select throw pillows, bedding, table lamps and wall art. (Even our favorite 3-D Wall Flats are going for less than half the original price!)

As you learned in this post, I'm a big fan of throw pillows and so my eyes fell on the Real Grass pillow (in white, pictured above), on sale for $25 from $60; the Tree pillow (in brown), discounted to $28 from $60; and the lovely Blossom pillow (in grass), marked down more than 75 percent to $15! The pillows are hand-printed and made in the United States.

To celebrate the glorious days of spring, from March 20, 2010 until June 20, 2010, InhabitLiving is offering RentedSpaces readers an exclusive discount! Use special offer code RS2010 and receive 15 percent off on orders of $50 or more. Thank you, Mike and Jennifer!

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Have a favorite home décor or furniture Web site? Let us know and Bargain Huntress will prowl for sales, coupons and exclusive discounts to offer you the best deals possible!
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