Zynga city building game coming soon? Survey says ... maybe

zynga survey about social city
zynga survey about social city

Playdom's Social City has been gaining users by the millions in a matter of days, and competitor Zynga has taken note. According to ISG, Zynga has published a survey on Facebook which asks two specific questions about the hot city buidling game -- "How frequently do you currently play Social City?" and "Into which of the following ranges does your current Social City level fall?"

Zynga currently does not have any 'city' names trademarked (though we're interested in seeing how soon Zynga launches a hotel themed game, since they have the names HotelVille and Hotel World trademarked), but if those surveyed say they spend lots of time playing Social City -- we're certain a Zynga city building game will be on its way soon.

We couldn't help but wonder, though, how many of you are actually playing Social City on Facebook? We certainly are. Let us know in the poll below.

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