Sweet L.A. Rental: Sleek Marina Del Ray Waterfront Unit for $2,500

Marina Del Ray is close to the great shops and restaurants of Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach and Culver City. You might imagine beach properties on a marina to be weathered, shingled places, but this sleek, glass-filled construction called Capri Apartments features views and loads of amenities -- both in the building and the apartment. They have many two-bedroom, two-bath apartments to chose from with prices starting at $2,500. The building also offers flexible lease terms so if you're looking for something short term this could also be a good option.

The two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in this six-floor building has more than 1,300 square feet for $2,500. When you enter the unit you notice different living areas, a den, living room, dining room, kitchen -- and the great balcony with water views. The rooms, including the bedrooms, are spacious with incredible views of the waterfront and sky. You'll even enjoy entertaining at home since you have plenty of space in your unit, plus the balcony.

The building is pet friendly and has a pool, whirlpool and sauna (just what you need when you are waterfront) as well as a free fitness center, sundeck and concierge. There's a lot more, too, like on-site laundry and management, which is handy if you ever have any issues. But you're paying for the added amenities so make sure you want them before signing this lease.

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