Old Spice wants interns: Must snowboard, ski, surf and smell great

Are you adventurous, outgoing, possess enviable grooming habits and a clean, fresh scent? Can you surf, ski or snowboard? Wanna rev up that resume and wage war on perspiring pits at the same time? Old Spice is looking to hire two ambitious, adventure-seeking guys for one week in June to travel to a couple of the best smelling places on earth. It's a global grooming stunt aimed at promoting Old Spice's newest brand, the Fresh Collection, and stamping out stinky sweat as we know it.

One lucky ambassador at (under)arms will be sent to Fiji, the other to the famed Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. Both will be mentored by professionals who know a thing or two about xtreme-sweat. Professional snowboarder, Gretchen Bleiler and professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley will help enable their proteges to perform an itinerary of tasks designed to K.O. the B.O.

In addition to being monitored by talented and babelicious, world class athletes, the newly anointed armpit enthusiasts will also be outfitted with $5,000 and any equipment they may require -- such as a helmet with video mount, rugby shirts (yes, really), and of course, deodorant. Think something smells fishy? Think again.

Interns must choose between two " jobs" per location each day.

For example in Zermatt: "Don traditional Swiss lederhosen and tear up the mountain while snowboarding some of the world's best snow. Attach 10 Velcro-padded sticks of Old Spice Matterhorn to the lederhosen suspenders and hand out to five other skiers and snowboarders on the mountain – while yelling out "You smell like Matterhorn!!" – at the same time. Use your helmet cam to capture video of you in action."

Or perhaps you'd rather, "build a snow sculpture at least 6' tall in the shape of the Matterhorn in a high-traffic location at the bottom of a ski run with 20 sticks of Old Spice Matterhorn frozen inside. As it melts, you'll be giving the gift of Old Spice." No sweat, you say?

In Fiji, the amateur armpit ambassador may choose from the Party Raft option, "Cruise around the pools of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park on a heavily, Old Spice-branded bamboo raft and provide a one-stop lounge for other swimmers/sunbathers. Fill your raft complete with snacks, beverages, suntan lotion, and Old Spice product ... invite tourists/locals to hop aboard your raft ... document the fun ... and remember, for it to be defined as a 'party' you need a minimum of six people."

Or go with option two, Friendship is Bliss: "Hire a sail ship, then find a 'crew' of five. Sail the Fiji waters and head to Bau Island and videotape the journey ... remember to remove your hat because this tiny island was the capital of old Fiji and the Cakobau empire ... you must take off your hat in front of the chief's house (even when in a boat) to ward off evil spirits!"Not wearing the deodorant might achieve the same result.

"The internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to get real hands-on experience in various fields such as oceanography -surfing in Fiji, and geography -snowboarding from Switzerland to Italy in the same day," said James Moorhead, Old Spice Deodorant Brand Manager. Don't you hate it when those question about skiing the Matterhorn come up during a job interview? On the other hand, however, I think getting a group of complete strangers to yodel the Old Spice jingle on a ski lift in Zermatt shows some inspiring leadership.

For those who aren't chosen and continue to toil at internships requiring travel only between cubicle and break room, the exploits of the Adventure Interns will be shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter) and on the company's blog (oldspice.com). That is if you can stand watching some other lucky schmo schussing down the slopes in lederhosen that should have been yours ...

The application process began March 15 and will continue until April 15. If saving the world one pit at a time is something you'd like to brag about on careerbuilder, or perhaps you'd just like to sniff the Matterhorn in person, apply for your chance to come out smelling like a winner at .oldspiceadventure.com. Good luck. And good grooming.
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