Old Spice wants interns: Must snowboard, ski, surf and smell great


Are you adventurous, outgoing, possess enviable grooming habits and a clean, fresh scent? Can you surf, ski or snowboard? Wanna rev up that resume and wage war on perspiring pits at the same time? Old Spice is looking to hire two ambitious, adventure-seeking guys for one week in June to travel to a couple of the best smelling places on earth. It's a global grooming stunt aimed at promoting Old Spice's newest brand, the Fresh Collection, and stamping out stinky sweat as we know it.

One lucky ambassador at (under)arms will be sent to Fiji, the other to the famed Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. Both will be mentored by professionals who know a thing or two about xtreme-sweat. Professional snowboarder, Gretchen Bleiler and professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley will help enable their proteges to perform an itinerary of tasks designed to K.O. the B.O.

In addition to being monitored by talented and babelicious, world class athletes, the newly anointed armpit enthusiasts will also be outfitted with $5,000 and any equipment they may require -- such as a helmet with video mount, rugby shirts (yes, really), and of course, deodorant. Think something smells fishy? Think again.

Interns must choose between two " jobs" per location each day.

For example in Zermatt: "Don traditional Swiss lederhosen and tear up the mountain while snowboarding some of the world's best snow. Attach 10 Velcro-padded sticks of Old Spice Matterhorn to the lederhosen suspenders and hand out to five other skiers and snowboarders on the mountain – while yelling out "You smell like Matterhorn!!" – at the same time. Use your helmet cam to capture video of you in action."