NY decor debut in Restaurant City served with free chicken!

Restaurant City Statue of Cookery and Free Chicken
Restaurant City Statue of Cookery and Free Chicken

Why a chicken? One would think that Restaurant City would've gone with an apple to fit their new Big Apple theme, but no matter -- a free chicken is a good thing, considering that meat ingredients are hard to come by, and when they are available, they don't come cheap.

Also, with the launch, we've discovered that the "Statue of Cookery" isn't all just looks! While it costs 150,000 Coins, it actually brings a 'restaurant effect' of +1 second to your customers' patience. Which means that you'll be able to retain more customers and get more money! Note, however, you can't stack up the seconds by having more than one Statue installed.

Click here to get your FREE Chicken: http://playfi.sh/bsZFhl and launch the game!