Noise Insulation To Rock Your Walls

noise reducing wall hangingsSpeak softly: they could be listening. And if you've got thin walls, you definitely have a problem.

There are many ways to muffle the noise coming in and out of your apartment. Our newest find is a stylish method using woolen, bubble-shaped wall hangings by Wobedo Designs. The colorful wall hangings block noise transfer from room to room and neighbor to neighbor. Mix and match shapes and colors for your apartment. The wool coverings are 100% virgin wool and completely organic, too.

Could similar woolen wall blobs be a DIY project? We think so...

First, draw out the pattern you wish to make on a regular piece of paper.

Next, measure your wall and scale your shapes up to size. (You can also use an illustrator program and do this on the computer, or find a friend with those skills.) Or, if you choose, take the "non-measuring" approach and cut your shapes into large pieces of paper and eyeball 'em until they look right.

Then, transfer your large paper patterns onto scrap cardboard. Source cardboard from old boxes you have lying around or ask one of your local shops that you know gets (boxed) shipments. Cut your patterns out of the cardboard.

Go to the fabric store and select two items: enough fabric to cover your shapes, and, batting material to use as fill. (You have a full range of choices here. You can use conventional quilt batting or insulation. Alternatively, the super thrifty could "fill" wall hangings with fabric from clean, but now unloved, clothing.) The super eco-conscious might want to think about the different fabrics they have that are unused and lying around the house - sheets, extra yards of fabric from an old DIY project, etc. Something else to think about: fabrics with texture will absorb more noise.

Go to a craft supply shop and purchase hooks sturdy enough to hold your individual wall shapes.

Staple, glue, or tape the cloth to cover your filled shapes. Pull tightly to ensure the fabric is snug. Glue a hook on the back of each wall hanging and allow to dry.

Affix to your new, sound-absorbing wall hangings to the wall and enjoy greater privacy!

(Or, just save yourself all these steps and order directly from Wobedo.)
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