Here's an egg-cellent scoop of Pet Society's Eggvasion 2010!

Pet Society Egg Cabinet
The mysterious Hideeni has been costumed in his pink bunny suit since March 10th, showing up in our pets' homes to gift them with Pet Society's marvelous Easter Eggs. For a time, there were 14 Hideeni Easter Eggs to collect in all. But today, Pet Society has committed itself to a full-out Easter theme comparable to the one they rolled out three days ago for St. Patrick's Day, which means 4 new eggs!

You can see these new eggs (Pink, Light Purple, Green, and Aquamarine) displayed inside the Easter Egg Cabinet in the above image. (Standing proudly beside it, is my pet, "Peachy Keen".) These new eggs can be grabbed by simply walking through the trees in the "Friends" part of town. I picked up all 4 (plus an extra Aquamarine) in just a couple of minutes!

The Cabinet, itself, costs a cheap 200 Coins at the Furniture Store, and is meant to hold Hideeni's 14 eggs, but now there's 18! We're hoping to get a boost in size to the egg-displaying capacity of the Cabinet, but wait, coming soon will be new individual Egg Holders and the opportunity to decorate our own eggs!
Pet Society Basic Eggs and Egg Holders
For even more eggs (but non-displayable ones), check out these Mystery Egg Vending Machines in the Mystery Store:
Mystery Egg Vending Machine in Pet Society
Keep in mind, that for 600 Coins, it's the egg inside each machine that you'll be buying, not the actual machine itself. There are 8 machines in all, each with a different theme:
Ice Cream Booth in Pet Society
1) Stone Age
2) Snow White
3) Autumn Faerie
4) Food Booth
5) Fortune
6) Faerie
7) Fairy Tale
...and 8) Toys

I bought an egg from the "Food Booth" machine, set it in Peachy's living room, and within a minute, the egg hatched into a "Ice Cream Booth" (see pic on the right), which sells for 299 Coins.

Try it out and see what prizes you'll get!

Just remember, the Easter event is set to end on April 11th GMT.
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