Happy Pets makes it easier to earn coins, level up

Happy pets makes it easier to level up

If you've been struggling with getting ahead in Happy Pets -- that's might be about to change. The pet sim game on Facebook will now reward players more coins and more experience points (XP) depending on your level.

Here are more details on how this sliding scale will work, courtesy of the Happy Pets forums:

Now you'll generate more coins* and experience based on your level.

Levels 1-14: Basic Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 15-24: +25% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 25-34: +50% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 35-44: +75% Experience, Training Points, Coins
Levels 45+: +100% Experience, Training Points, Coins

*Note: This only applies to getting coins from actions (games, cleaning, petting); not coins for selling pets or furniture. Selling values are the same for all levels, and will be shown on your "sell" screen.
To figure out how exactly how many coins and XP you'll earn for various activities, find your level (and your factor), then multiply that times the number of coins, XP listed below.

- Playing with your neighbors pets with laser: 2 coins, 2 XP

- Playing with your own pets with laser: 6 coins 6 XP
(the laser only gives points if the cats are bored)

- Petting your own pets: 6 coins 6 XP (per cat, per click)

- Petting neighbors pets: 2 coins 2 XP
(petting neighbors pets only gives rewards once a day)

- Cleaning your own litter box: 2 coins 10 XP (per click)

- Cleaning neighbor's litter box: 1 coin (per click), no XP

- Feeding your own cats or dogs: 5 XP per click of food (no coins)

- Feeding baby baskets: 5-20 XP (no coins)

- It depends how empty the hunger bar on the basket is, but it only takes one click to fill the hunger bar. So you might earn 5 XP for one click or 20 XP for one click.

- XP for buying Furniture or Accessories. Basic XP is displayed in item description.

- XP for selling a pet. Basic XP is displayed in the "GIVE AWAY" pop-up

Do you think these changes actually make the game easier to play?
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