FarmVille French Chateau: Patisserie Building, Tall Bush, & Bleached Bench


On 03.16.10 FarmVille added a few more limited edition French Chateau items to the FarmVille Market including a Patisserie building, a Tall Bush, and a Bleached Bench.

FarmVille Chateaus
FarmVille Chateaus

The Patisserie building meaning it is a French Bakery or Pastry shop that sells baked goods like pastries and other sweets. It costs 42 FV$. The Tall Bush is a decorative tree and costs 2 FV$. The Bleached Bench can be purchased with 2,000 coins.

All of these items will be available in the FarmVille Market for the next 14 days and will then retire.

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