Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: Los Angeles Edition

Welcome back to Craigslist Roommate Nightmares. We have a fine crop of potentially horrific roommate scenarios -- all found on Craigslist. Today we've got a pair of free rooms offered in exchange strictly for "company." There's a fine place were they forbid any illegal activity within the premises, and of course the guy who is really into Jesus -- I mean really into Jesus.
The Ad: $1 Inviting Open Minded cool girls to share Free-Spirit community CONDO (VENICE)

We are a group of 5 young people (girls and boys) - open minded, free spirit and love life. We live and open life of kindness and great karma. We have a huge one bedroom condo neer the beach. There are no doors since we value openness and flow of spirit. So if you have privacy issues, this is not for you. One of us is the owner and she has the good will of opening her place practically RENT FREE (you can contribute as much as you can) to anyone (GIRLS and boys and couples) who are young and shares our ideals & lifestyle. As said, we feel good about ourselves and our sexuality and have almost no personal possesions here - all is ours. we are not some sex maniacs although most of us are nudists to some degree and we enjoy sex with each other on free basis. We have no assigned sleeping and we just sleep on any bed that's free at the moment. LIVE your DREAMS!

Our Take: Somehow I envision lots of lice and body odor. Also, as in all these type of situations, naked people who you would never care to see naked EVER. Image waking up in the middle of the night -- every night -- with some stranger trying to grope you. And why are they anti-door? Can I just have an occasional door, like in the bathroom. This is my nightmare. This is my nightmare.



I am looking for a young guy, in his twenties or thirties, to come and help me out. All his household expenses will be paid. When we go out , I usually pay for all restaurant and theater as well as concerts etc. the only thing I do not pay for is your car payment and auto insurance.

Basically I am offering a guy a home that he would be comfortable in. He would not be expected to do actual work - I have a cleaning guy for that. I really would like to find a truly pleasant laid back kind of guy, who enjoys most of the performing arts. I go to Broadway Musicals, Operas, Ballets and other Dance events. In the summer I like the beach, and go to the Hollywood Bowl many evenings.

The guy I live with would be more of a companion/friend and our relationship wold not be that of an employee/boss. I wold hope it would be close and warmn and considerate. We wold be spending a lot of time together although you wold be able to get a part time job,or even attend a school. I would help if you wanted to go to community college and get your degree. I spent most of my life working in the movies and went on a shoot this past Wednesday. If you wanted to work in the movies I could easily get you in.

GIVE ME A CALL and lets see if you can make life easier for me and pleasant and comfortable for yourself

Our Take: I've read about these type of scenarios in Hollywood; a guy trying to make it in the movies moves in with a sugar daddy. Image the fun you'll have frolicking at the beach with your new sugar daddy. Thankfully he'll allow you to go to school and get a degree. But fortunately your sugar daddy has connections in the movie industry so it will all be worth it.

The Ad: $500 Large private bedroom available April 1. Utilities are Included. (Canoga Park 91304)

All payments are due in CASH ONLY, in person only, and no long distance transactions!

MUST comply with all of the following RULES:

No Sex, and no overnight guests

No drugs of any kind, including Marijuana

No smoking

No heavy drinking

No illegal activities of any kind in the apartment or outside in your personal time (don't want ANY trouble)

Our Take: Man, there's bad vibes all about this scenario. What the hell happened with the last roommate who you will be moving in to replace? What illegal activities used to go on inside this apartment and why is the CASH ONLY policy firmly in place. Too bad about not ever having overnight guests but I'm sure you ard your new roommate can pass the time by telling tales of what it was like to be in prison.

The Ad: $520 Jesus, luxury loft, gym, wifi lounge, billiards & TV room (Arts district, downtown L.A.)

Sharing a 550 square foot open space with a young adult who loves Jesus, is involved with a Bible teaching Christian church, and has a career in legal services,

Our Take: I think I'd rather have someone addicted to drugs than addicted to Jesus as my roommate. Not only does your new roommate love Jesus but he can teach you about both the Bible and legal services.

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