Cafe World PSA (of possible suckage): We've consolidated your gifts.

Cafe World Gifts Consolidation
Cafe World Gifts Consolidation

Cafe World has added some improvements to the Gifts Box, but the new system does have its detractors...

Here are the Possible Issues of Suckage:

- Right now, what's really needed is Inventory Consolidation, not Gifts Consolidation. The Inventory is a much busier place than the Gift Box and when you're buying up to 100 tiles to lay your floors, and dozens more to line your walls, you don't want to have to click and drag every single tile/wallpaper to the Cash Register so you can sell them off.

- And many players have said this, but consolidating the food items in the Gift Box is a terrible idea when one doesn't have many dishes stored in there and would like to portion out his or her servings at his or her own discretion. Because as long as your restaurant has food on its counters, your Cafe Popularity rating won't plunge.

We're sure Cafe World is listening to its players, because just last week, they put out a survey asking for people's responses to their Scratch Lotto. So people should go ahead with their suggestions. Tweaks like this can end up significantly affecting gameplay.

The rest of this post contains the Cafe World announcement itself, via their official Facebook page note:

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