Whimsical throne & other cool YoCash items hit the YoVille store


Visit the Furniture Store for the latest whimsical theme items. As we previously reported, the whimsical throne has arrived and is worth 8 YoCash. A very cool caterpillar sofa is available for 8 YoCash with matching television and large coffee table on sale for coins. You can also go wild with a variety of literally huge mushrooms and flowers that will look great in your whimsical yard. As for all the maze lovers out there, hedges of all shapes and sizes are now available and will look great with the free castle and knight shrubs that you've collected from your friends. Complete your maze now!


Many decoration items and especially shelves were also added and this time for coins. Head to the store now and enjoy this special YoVille theme.

And finally, you are invited to rate the whimsical theme in the poll found here.
Pictures and prices are as usual after the link.