West Hollywood Insider: Cabaret Artist Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor is the creator of a funny musical show detailing his obsession with food. But don't think all his favorite things in West Hollywood include food. There are concerts at Largo and Musical Mondays at Eleven and this great sandwich place.

Name, Age, Occupation: Ryan O'Connor, 28, I'd say Cabaret artist but I've been described as a big, fat, singing Kathy Griffin.

Neighborhood: West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Abode: One-bedroom apartment

How long have you lived in West Hollywood?
Over six years.

First things first, do you say West Hollywood or WeHo? I call it WeHo. I do. I have to admit it. But, that's mostly because I'm lazy.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
My favorite thing is the sense of community. West Hollywood is known as a gay community, but it's also a Russian-family community so there's a good balance of social activity and family, neighborhood-ly support (yes, I'm aware that I just made that word up). In Weho you can find an amazing happy hour and a nice old Russian neighbor lady that will lend you sugar!

Do you talk to your neighbors? I do! I live in an apartment complex which is mostly elderly people. We have community laundry so we talk there and they are all really cool. Many are immigrants and they have interesting stories. Oh, and I have a deaf, senile, old lady that lives next door to me that leaves me juice boxes and individually wrapped slices of bread and oranges and bread sticks.

Best kept secret in WeHo?
Mel and Rose! It's advertised as a wine and liquor store but what a lot of people don't know is they have an Italian deli counter and gourmet grocery store. They make the best sandwich in town. And they deliver.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night in your neighborhood? Probably dinner at Taste on Melrose then happy hour at Fiesta Cantina -- they have Happy Hour from 8 to 11! Then a concert at Largo.

You have a one man show, did you find any inspiration in WeHo? My show is about my journey, albeit comedic and self-effacing, being a compulsive over-eater. One of the big things about my show is it was born when I discovered Overeaters Anonymous here in West Hollywood. It all came out of Weho and most of the stories were lived in Weho.

I thought about opening the show in other cities but I wanted to make my debut here in Weho because I am committed to cultivating and growing the musical theater community here. It's a great town.

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