Sweet San Francisco Rental: SOMA Lofts for $1,135

I'm pretty sure I've been to a party in the building where this sweet rental is located. As I recall, it was a really amazing SOMA loft. Besides having really, really high ceilings, the loft had access to the roof, which was a great spot for entertaining friends. I think the guy who lived there worked at Google and we all drank beer on the roof and marveled at the 360-degree view of the city from up there.

If you enjoy arty, loft-living style then this would be a great San Francisco rental. The building offers studios for $1,135 with 275 square feet of space, and 1-bedrooms for $1,1850 at 600 square feet. Sure that doesn't sound like a lot of space, but the ceilings are really high so you wont feel like you're crammed in a New York shoebox.

These modern lofts are affordable and in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. If you work in the SOMA area, you'll be able to walk home and have soup for lunch. The building features a
tranquil, bamboo courtyard, where you can lay out a yoga mat and enjoy peace in the heart of the city.

Besides that, the SOMA area has the best San Francisco has to offer, with great dining, fun clubs and shopping. I've been in this building: take my word for it.

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