Restaurant discounts at with online coupon code


Eating out is a treat that gets pricey as quickly as you can say "table for two!" But it doesn't need to be. If you plan a few days ahead, you'll have time to buy restaurant gift certificates

at a steep discount through Right now a $25 certificate is $3 when you use coupon code LUCKY.

The code expires Monday, March 22.

The catch -- and there always is one -- is that you should read the redemption rules for each restaurant because they differ. But generally each one requires a minimum spending amount on food that is above and beyond your certificate. I crunched the numbers to see how these minimums affect your savings. Alcohol, taxes, and tip are never included. A few might even specify days and times the certificate can be used (some may be for lunch, others may push you towards dinner).

This is one deal where it pays to read the fine print.

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