Poker Blitz: Big on the "Blitz," not so much on the "Poker"


The first thing that strikes you about Zynga's new Poker Blitz is the bright ,clean interface. Compared to the small, dark, almost cigarette-stained boards of Zynga's popular Texas Hold'Em Poker, it's like a trip to Disney World. The second thing that strikes you about the game is its simplicity compared to other poker games. The quick, 60 second tutorial has a minimum of words, just a few big friendly arrows point at the games few easy-to-read buttons.

Like Texas Hold'em Poker, each player gets two cards face up and combines them with five face up community cards to make the best poker hand. Unlike Texas Hold'em, there are only two players: You and a computerized dealer who always matches you in each of two rounds of betting -- one before the community cards are dealt and one after (you can also fold at any point).

After each hand, your results against the computer are displayed in big friendly letters ("YOU WIN!" or "NICE FOLD!") along with some peppy sound effects. A bonus meter of extra chips increases if you've maintained a streak of good hands, and a variety of randomly assigned power ups can be used to improve bad hands, increase key pot sizes, or reveal information about the dealer's cards.