Can You Say, iNeed A Job?

His name isn't Steve Jobs for nothing - the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc., has made quite a career for himself. And the hits keep coming. Millions of people who never had a Macintosh computer are using the iPhone for absolutely everything as its popularity increases daily.

It's not all about Virtual Pets and Twitter. Many are downloading significant apps designed to help job-seekers. Craigslist is a popular one with its "gigs" and "jobs" categories, offering a free version or a .99 cent download with more bells and whistles; Jobs by Career Builder is not only free, but was just updated a few days ago to include support for users in the U.K. and Canada.

The latest must-have for the employment-seeking gadgeteer is an app entitled forthrightly enough: "Hire Me!" It's only .99 cents and in the latest and greatest version there's a voice recorder so you can chronicle your answers to the over 300 interview questions posed through the app (tap the screen for a new one), then play them back for your own assessment. You might be surprised by what you say, but if you don't like it it's a great opportunity to correct any, like, uh, verbal blunders before they're uttered... y'know?

Once you've made sure you sound sharp, it's time to work on your appearance, guys. Check out the step-by-step video demo showing how to tie a half-Windsor, Windsor, and four-in-hand knot. Pretty snazzy stuff. Now, take a deep breath and listen to the internet streaming radio to relax before the interview - choose from classical, jazz, ambient and thrash metal. (OK, I was kidding on that last one, but screaming guitars must be soothing for some people.)

Once you've jumped through Hire Me!'s hoops you are ready as you'll ever be to walk into that office and be interviewed (and don't forget to switch your phone ringer to mute).

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