FarmVille Dog Breeds and PetVille Sneak Peek

As we mentioned earlier today on FarmVille Freak (see post), you can get sneak peeks of the FarmVille Dog by accessing another Zynga's game, PetVille.
FarmVille's updates today, include official pop-up notifications telling you about the "coming soon" FarmVille Dogs.

The PetVille Dogs give us a hint of what breeds of Dogs we can expect to see in FarmVille. You can view these notices by visiting the post earlier today on FarmVille Freak and clicking here: FarmVille Dog Breeds Coming Soon. So far, the Dog breeds include:

- Border Collies
- Golden Retrievers
- Sheepdogs

Although you will have to play PetVille to see these notices, you will not be required to play PetVille to obtain your FarmVille pet upon official release!

From Zynga Community Manager, Lexilicious: "You will NOT get or unlock any items in FarmVille by going and playing PetVille. It will not be a requirement to play Petville to get a Dog."

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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