Brad and Angelina's Venice, Italy Rental

Spending her production per diem to the max -- and not doing a very good job evading the paparazzi -- Angelina Jolie, along with Brad Pitt and kids, are rumored to be renting the historic Mocenigo Palazzo on Venice's magnificent Grand Canal. The Pitt-Jolie's are in Venice while mama is shooting "The Tourist," a thriller co-staring Johnny Depp.

Owned and restored by the owners of Venice's Bauer Hotel, the palazzo could give the Pitt-Jolie's more space and privacy than a comparable luxury hotel-although the paparazzi have tracked their every step, from Angelina's daily trips to the set to Brad's photo excursions and the family's amble out for gelato.

So if they're not getting privacy, what are they getting at the palazzo?