Those fake Uggs could be killing your feet

UggsThe appeal of Uggs (and their knockoff stepsisters) has always been clear: they're incredibly comfortable. There's nothing like slipping them on after enduring hours of heel torture. As far as I'm concerned, no matter how many times fashion editors rule them "out" (and no matter how many times my boyfriend loudly concurs), I'll wear them forever.

And I'm not alone. Several years after their introduction to the world outside Australia, Uggs are still everywhere. The problem? Fake Uggs are everywhere, too. And according to the Daily Mail, the off-brand ones are awful for your feet. The story claims that the cheap construction of fake Uggs allow feet to slide around too much -- and says that can lead to lifelong back pain and "foot deformities." Yikes.
The obvious solution? Instead of going for bargain impostors, stalk out the real thing at a discount price. Classic Uggs are expensive -- the short styles go for $140 and the tall ones go for $180.

But you can find them for less. Search shopping aggregator sites like The Find and Shopstyle, both of which let you set price ranges, to find markdowns.

They'll often lead you to independent retailers, which put Uggs on sale more often -- consider these $119.99 pairs from Takken's Shoes, Sonoma Outfitters, and Oasis Sports.

You'll always have a better chance of finding seasonal twists on the classics on sale -- like these knit tall boots, now $112 at Zappos, or these berry-hued short ones, now $84 at Bloomingdales.

They don't beat the prices of knockoffs, usually $30 to $60, such as these at Wal-Mart and Famous Footwear, but the real things beat having aching feet.

Bottom line -- keep an eye on the Internet, be patient, and you'll get your Uggs for a steal. And your feet will thank you.
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