Start spreading the news, Restaurant City goes New York City!

Restaurant City goes New York City
Unlike all the other major Facebook games, Restaurant City went for a modest celebration of St. Patrick's Day with some giftable exclusives and a fans-only pot of gold freebie. This was probably for the best, as the Hawaiian theme has turned out to be incredible, and ironically, more evergreen in terms of decorative mileage than any of the St. Paddy's items.

Moving right along, this Thursday will see the launch of a New York City theme, complete with yellow taxis, Broadway posters, red hydrants, and even a "Statue of Cookery"! There's 12 new outdoors items and 24 new indoors ones, including one that you can only get if you've an e-mail subscription. (Check out their official blog post for more details.)

On top of that, there are two new Limited Edition recipes: 1) Giant Pretzel and 1) Pastrami Sandwich. You'll find the Pretzel in the Starter page, while the Pastrami shows up on the Main dish page.

Take heed, the Pastrami Sandwich is set to disappear a week earlier than the Pretzel, so focus on grabbing it first! The game realizes this and to help, it has added the Garlic and Coriander onto the Gifts page. But this means it's nudged out the Mango and Banana, so expect those two ingredients to get rarer in the next few weeks!
Restaurant City Pretzel and Pastrami
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