New grocery coupons on

Updated grocery coupons grocery coupons

The online grocery coupon site just restocked its supply of coupons. When I last checked, the site had 40 coupons, including $1 off Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and Fitness magazine, $2 off two Pup-Peroni dog treats, and 55 cents off Honey Nut or Multi-grain Cheerios.

Printing the coupons requires you to register on the site with a name, zip code, date of birth and e-mail. Not all coupon sites require you to register, but the benefit of doing so at Shortcuts is that you can link the coupons to your frequent shopper card so you never have to print your coupons. When you swipe your card they will come up.

Disclosure: AOL owns Shortcuts and

Other sites for online grocery coupons include,,

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