Moving? Make Your Furniture Fit!

You've just inherited your grandmother's Art Deco vintage sofa but can't fit it through your fifth floor apartment walk-up door. Has your best friend-with-the-larger-door just scored the find of the week? Do you shell out for monthly storage or do you have to move?

Don't panic! We have a couple options that might be the right fit for you.

Medical device manufacturers such as Duro-Med Industries and Sammons Preston make expandable door hinges. While these hinges don't make the door frame larger, these top-selling hinges expand a door's axis up to two inches (note the two extra bends in the hinge, pictured below). Designed for wheelchair accessibility, the expandable door hinge can be used for anyone who needs more room through their doorway.

Or, try furnishing your apartment with pieces that break down easily.

makes sofas and chairs that can be taken apart and reassembled. It claims reassembly takes just minutes and is more durable than any single-frame furniture piece. That, of course, won't solve the problem of inheriting a vintage piece of furniture.

There are outfits who claim they'll disassemble and reassemble any item you have to make it fit. Sal Giangrandi of New York Couch Doctor says his process includes reinforcing parts, dismantling and removing seams, stitches staples and nails. An average couch will set you back $200-400, Giangrandi says, and will take only a couple of hours.

Do not try this at home yourselves, kids.
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