Hunting for leprechaun gold in Treasure Madness

Treasure Madness goes St. Patrick's Day
Treasure Madness goes St. Patrick's Day

Treasure Madness has us going mad for gold and treasure with their release of limited edition St. Patrick series. As an intrepid explorer, your goal is to buy and click through maps of places rich in fun and rewards. For Mafia Wars fans, the collections feature would be familiar, where items that you uncover while playing can be traded in for special items once you've got the whole set. The adventuring aspect of the game is to ace quick memory and spatial puzzles that are triggered while you're trying to dig or axe your way towards treasure.

Eight new maps are out this week and will be around for then next 8 days, but once they're gone, they're gone for good!

Treasure Madness St. Patrick's Series
Treasure Madness St. Patrick's Series

Maps List:
1) Buckle Shoe Island - St Patrick series
2) Lucky Hat Island - St Patrick series
3) Clover Island - St Patrick series
4) Horseshoe Island - St Patrick series
5) Harp Island - St Patrick series
6) Pot of Gold Bay - St Patrick series
7) Pipe Island - St Patrick series
8) Tankard Island - St Patrick series

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