Happy Island rolls out the green carpet for a leprechaun VIP

St. Patrick's Day items in Happy Island
St. Patrick's Day items in Happy Island

Happy Island has announced a leprechaun tourist in their game via their official Facebook page, advising players to "buy him a drink" when he shows. Supposedly, he's a heavy tipper.

Also, for 39 Facebook Credits, you can purchase a "Pot of Gold" under the Decorations tab of the in-game store. And since our new magical visitor has an affinity for pots of gold, he'll tip you even more. Though this isn't the first time Happy Island has introduced strange visitors to our shores. There's been UFO and Elvises sightings on Happy Island before, but it was done to no fanfare.

Just be warned, the leprechaun is very small, quick, and hard to spot! It's not going to be easy to click on him!

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