Happy Aquarium introduces the "Super Sea Shell Hunt"

Super Sea Shell Hunt
We can recognize our neighbor Harold from the demo tank even when he's all done up in a pirate costume, but it seems that Harold has taken on a new job as a finder-fixer, and needs your help. A Sea-Princess has broken her shell necklace, and now, players who find all the shells can earn a special item.

Gold Green Shell in Happy Aquarium

So how do you get these shells? Well, they show up randomly when you click on the Treasure Chests in the game. And yes, even the chest in the demo tank can get you a shell. When you receive a shell, you'll get the pop-up on the right.

Since Happy Aquarium still has no item storage, the shells will have to be stuck in your tank until you've collected everything. You can also sell the shells for coins. The two ones pictured above, "Blue Shell" and "Green Gold Shell" are listed as "Common" and go for 40 Coins each. The others are harder to get, so they might go for more money.

No other details have been released so far, so we'll just have to stay tuned!
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