FarmVille Dog Update: PetVille Drops Clues for upcoming FarmVille Border Collies, Golden Retrievers & Sheepdogs

Looks like PetVille players are starting to get a glimps of what the FarmVille dogs might look! Thank you to FarmVille Freak Steike for providing these three images!

"You've found a FarmVille Pet Clue! Soon you can get a Border Collie to help you in FarmVille! Find all 3 clues in different houses to learn about FarmVille's new pet feature and win a special PetVille gift!"

FarmVille Clue 1 - PetVille Border Collies
FarmVille Border Collie - Clue 1

FarmVille Clue 2 - PetVille Golden Retrievers
FarmVille Golden Retrievers - Clue 2

FarmVille Clue 3 - PetVille English Sheepdogs

FarmVille English Sheepdogs - Clue 3

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