FarmVillain parody app pokes fun at game-related wall posts

farm villiain parody app

Tired of Facebook friends who incessantly post messages about finding a lost sheep or asking for help fertilizing their crops? FarmVillian, a parody app on Facebook, has created some 'alternative' wall posts that will get that message across loud and clear.

farm villain mad cow disease
Some of the parody posts on the FarmVillain app are funnier than others -- our favorites include the 'Mad Cow' disease one above, and the gift request that says "All Your Farm Belong to us," a take off of the classic "All your base are belong to us." We also give two thumbs up to the references to Rick Rolling and Neverending Story.

farmvillian gift request

Important Note: At the top of the app, there's a notice that FarmVillain has been put on probation for possibly violating Facebook policy -- and since we're not sure why people are complaining so much about this app -- other than some of the crude humor -- we suggest that you proceed with caution.
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