Take That, Donald! Celebrity Apprentice Gets Fired Up

apprenticeComedienne/writer/producer Carol Leifer may have been the first one fired on the premiere episode of this season's The Celebrity Apprentice, but she's having the last laugh as she outrageously counts down the things she'll miss most about the show.

Leifer has probably been responsible for more hours of TV content than the rest of the contestants put together. She's been a writer/producer/actor on such comedy classics as Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, The Larry Sanders Show, The Ellen Show, The Academy Awards and Rules of Engagement, to name only a few. She was the inspiration for the character of Elaine Benes on Seinfeld. And her humorous book, When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win: Reflections on Looking in the Mirror, has spent a good deal of time on numerous bestseller lists.

leiferStill, Trump and the ladies of Team Tenacity didn't see fit to keep her on beyond the first episode. She did show what she was made of on her way out, however -- after Trump had reluctantly fired her, in an unprecedented move, she responded with, "Can I ask you something? Since you are a fan of the North Shore Animal League, would you consider making a donation to them?"

"10,000 dollars from me personally," said the Donald. Perhaps he'll wish he would have chipped in more, once he reads this exclusive list of:

Ten Things I Will Miss About Celebrity Apprentice

1. Walking Donald's hair

2. Swapping kugel recipes with wrestler Goldberg

3. Borrowing Bret Michaels' eyeliner

4. Chef Curtis Stone getting drunk and telling us about the time he "did" Betty Crocker

5. Being part of next week's challenge--watching Sinbad manage a hedge fund

6. Watching Holly Robinson struggle to make change for a twenty

7. Explaining to wrestler Maria Kanellis that a "stimulus package" is not what Chaz Bono now has

8. Seeing Bret Michaels tear up when I take him to a florist and show him a thornless rose

9. Taping my phone conversations with Rod Blagojevich

10. Watching Donald Jr. fall for the fake-throwing-the-ball trick

For the comic relief alone, Leifer will be missed.

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