Arkadium's Mahjong Dimensions hits one million Facebook players


Back in January, when well-known casual game maker Arkadium launched its first Facebook game, Mahjongg Dimensions, we asked whether the game was "the next Bejeweled Blitz." Now, just two months later, the game seems well on its way to that level of success, reaching a million monthly active users.

Sure, that numbers is well short of Bejeweled Blitz's over 10 million monthly active users, or even the five million players that have made Social City into an overnight success. But those one million monthly users represent 4.6 million distinct games a day, according to a recent GamesBeat piece, thanks to a quick viral spread that even surprised Arkadium CEO Kenny Rosenblatt. The company isn't planning on being surprised next time, though -- they plan to release five more games to Facebook this quarter and have 15 to 20 more Facebook games "in the pipeline." Not bad for a company that just dove head first into Facebook gaming a couple of months ago.

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