Your Next Interior Designer: Your iPhone

Appealing to a generation who built imaginary homes on The Sims instead of playing with dollhouses and are now obsessed with documenting life's moments with a 3.0 megapixel cell phone camera, MyDeco has released an iPhone app that augments the reality of one's living space with fancy digital furniture.

"Furnish Your Photo" -- available for free in the iTunes store -- lets users scroll through over 500 3D models of home decor objects from the stylish-yet-generic to the designer (think Eames loungers, Arco lamps, and B&B Italia modular sofas). Ever wanted to see what your sunroom would look like with a pool table? Curious about how a Chesterfield loveseat might work in an urban loft? Need to find a suitable lamp for that drab kitchen? It's got some kinks, but MyDeco has a lockdown on good, clean digital fun.