Your Next Interior Designer: Your iPhone

Appealing to a generation who built imaginary homes on The Sims instead of playing with dollhouses and are now obsessed with documenting life's moments with a 3.0 megapixel cell phone camera, MyDeco has released an iPhone app that augments the reality of one's living space with fancy digital furniture.

"Furnish Your Photo" -- available for free in the iTunes store -- lets users scroll through over 500 3D models of home decor objects from the stylish-yet-generic to the designer (think Eames loungers, Arco lamps, and B&B Italia modular sofas). Ever wanted to see what your sunroom would look like with a pool table? Curious about how a Chesterfield loveseat might work in an urban loft? Need to find a suitable lamp for that drab kitchen? It's got some kinks, but MyDeco has a lockdown on good, clean digital fun.
In a word, it's addictive.

Once you pick an item, say the spiffy 50s-style tripod table lamp, you transpose it onto a photo of a room, snapped with the program's camera (no filters as of yet, so they may come out grainy or blurred). Then the fun part!

Five controls allow you to move the item from foreground to background, up and down on a vertical plane, zoom in and out, rotated 360 degrees on the horizon, and what I like to call the Wild Card Rotate function. Be careful: This one flips that piece of furniture any which way, and it's hard to align it back into a functional position.

Once satisfied with the placement of a Gehry-for-Emeco chaise, you can save the resulting image (which, in a small size, is quite convincing, no?) in the photo library, export it via email or even post it to your Facebook.

So what's next? MyDeco has grand plans to expand the 3D furniture database to a whopping 5 million items to mirror what's already available on its Web site. Apple may have to come out with a heftier operating system for that to work, but in the meantime I'll be over here, fiddling with my toy phone and playing with fake furniture.
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